“A man in the house is worth two on the street.”

-Mae West


Femdom is a special subset of BDSM that focuses on women in charge of submissive guys. Within this type of play, the Dommes and subs can do just about anything, as long as the girl is on top and the guy is on the bottom. Some Dommes have multiple submissives at their beck and call, or even have house guys who come and take care of their cleaning and laundry. The one thing that is for sure is that the women in any type of femdom relationship are on top and in charge.

Types of Play

As a Domme, there are many things you can do to highlight this special relationship. A favorite of many women who are on top is to have the sub do pussy worship which might consist of hours of cunnilingus practice, and it might even include having your sub service your horny girlfriends. After this practice, your bottom guy will be an expert at giving women orgasms. It’s even better if you keep him locked up and away from any sexual pleasure while he gives you as much as you want. Chastity is another large component of many female Dominant relationships.

Financial Domination

Many Dommes also practice Findom, or financial domination. This is when a woman is given control of a man’s finances, sometimes even including his bank accounts or having control over his wallet. These guys get off on having a woman drain them dry of all of their resources, and supporting a woman who is so clearly superior to them. Of course financial Domination has it’s downsides – if you’re not a well off sub, then your basic needs may prevent you from becoming a Findom mistress’s favorite fucktoy.

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